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Welcome to Pivotal Investment's confidential Limited Partner website. The section contains access to the most interesting opportunities we are seeing. We expect to update it every month with 5-10 deals. It is intended for informational purposes of our LPs only and is not an endorsement of any particular company. We do welcome your feedback or thoughts on these opportunities. So, please contact us directly at:
Gregory T. Semler: gs@pivotal-investments.com
Bradley A. Zenger: baz@pivotal-investments.com
John Miner: jm@pivotal-investments.com

Deal Name: Lucid
Date Posted: Jan. 19, 2011
Description: Lucid Energy Technologies is a clean tech start-up, has created a power generating system for large-diameter water transmission pipelines that will revolutionize power production from a water utility's existing pipeline infrastructure. Northwest PowerPipe (NWPP) is an in-conduit power system developed with Northwest Pipe Company (NWP), the leading U.S. manufacturer of large-diameter pipe.
Links: 101222_Lucid_Exec_Summary.pdf

Deal Name: N-Dimension Solutions
Date Posted: Jan. 19, 2011
Description: N-Dimension Solutions is focused on providing cyber security solutions for the Smart Grid. They are currently assisting U.S. Department of Energy Smart Grid Investment Grant and Smart Grid Demonstration Grant winners with their cyber security plans, cyber security assessments, and complete Smart Grid solutions. Located in Ontario, Canada.
Links: N_Dimension_Solutions_Business_Overview_0910_v3.pdf

Deal Name: Zinc Air
Date Posted: Nov. 18, 2010
Description: A Montana based company working to commercialize Zinc based flow batteries with initial market of Grid Storage, specifically targeting firming wind and other renewable energy sources.
Links: Zinc_Air_Exec_Summ_5_2010_Final.pdf

Deal Name: OneEnergy
Date Posted: Nov. 18, 2010
Description: A Seattle/Portland based renewable energy developer with strong background in REC and other financial instruments that can be used to enhance the value of projects.
Links: OneEnergy_Renewables_Executive_Summary_Nov_2010.pdf

Deal Name: Tangerine Power
Date Posted: Nov. 18, 2010
Description: Time Share model used for finance community solar installations.
Links: Tangerine_Power_PUBLIC_Overview_10_20_10.pdf

Deal Name: Exacter
Date Posted: Nov. 18, 2010
Description: Midwest company that provides outage-avoidance and smart grid enabling technology and services to the electric utility industry. Exacter's system utilizes advanced sensory-array technology to provide early warning of failing overhead distribution equipment such as transformers, regulators, insulators, cutouts, lightning arrestors, switches, construction errors and more. Exacter has surveyed over two million poles across North America with over 100 utilities. Field test data shows that Exacter failing equipment findings are 97.8 percent accurate.
Links: Exacter_Technical_Intro.pdf

Deal Name: Renomics
Date Posted: Nov. 18, 2010
Description: Renomics provides advanced, enterprise software solutions that plan and implement positive triple-bottom line solutions for facilities, infrastructure and communities in real time. Their initial target market is data center infrastructure but have done lots of valuable work on smart grid and city planning as well.
Links: Ren_FAQ_100816.pdf