Pivotal Investments


Pivotal seeks to invest in companies that have or can attract world-class management teams and talent to apply deep and defensible technologies or other advantages to solve significant problems. Furthermore these companies should provide solutions that reduce the environmental footprint over traditional offerings at costs competitive today and much more competitive tomorrow. The Fund will have an initial focus on energy related opportunities, but expects to build a portfolio of companies that will include opportunities outside energy. We use a comprehensive, customer-driven analytical framework to identify companies that leverage our region's advantages to create businesses that can scale beyond the Northwest and generate significant returns for investors. We are focused on capital-efficient business opportunities that exhibit significant operating leverage in their business models; for investors to generate above average returns in the context of historical and likely prospective "exits".

The Pivotal Investment Criteria

Pivotal believes that leadership is the key driver for the long-term success of any business and we invest in teams with industry, entrepreneurial, and execution experience as well as the ability to effectively collaborate and communicate with employees, investors, and boards of directors. Pivotal Investments will only back management teams who demonstrate the highest levels of integrity and who are focused on building long-term value.

Important criteria Pivotal uses for screening opportunities include the following:

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