Pivotal Investments


Pivotal Investments is an early stage venture capital firm committed to delivering superior financial returns through investments in companies, primarily in the Northwest, that will be leaders in the emerging sustainable economy. The sustainable economy is characterized by a dramatic shift in the demand for clean energy, safe water, clean air, 'green' materials and sustainable agriculture. The need for solutions is particularly acute as the large economies in the developing world grow quickly. The Northwest, characterized by its relevant early adopter market, strong policy support, enabling technologies, motivated entrepreneurs and access to large markets like California and China, provides a unique investment opportunity in scalable companies targeting the sustainable economy.

The partners at Pivotal will apply their regional information advantage, early stage investment expertise, and operational experience to invest in companies pursuing this global market opportunity. Pivotal has assembled a strong investment team, as well as an active, motivated group of advisors with unparalleled domain expertise in sustainable markets and technologies to realize the investment potential of these early stage companies. Being first, in the Northwest, to focus on this opportunity will contribute to us generating outsized returns for our investors.

Once we have sourced an opportunity through our proprietary deal flow network, we employ a disciplined, hands-on investment approach that plays to the operational and entrepreneurial strengths of the Pivotal team. The need to build and/or augment Founding teams is reflective of a market still in the early stage of development. Often lacking experienced entrepreneurs at the outset, we leverage our significant operating experience to drive a clear market focus. We then work with the management team to develop clear execution milestones often tied to our investment. A clear market focus, with execution milestones, and a strong proprietary technology or advantage accelerates our portfolio companies' ability to deliver on large, global market opportunities.